A three-hour police standoff at the Tower Motel on Route 35 in Ocean Township sends guest into the bitter cold Wednesday night.

According to Police Detective Lieutenant Steven Peters, officers responded to a room at the Tower Motel when dispatchers were contacted by a man demanding drugs in exchange for hostages. At one point, Peters says that he threatened to shoot one of the hostages.

Police later coaxed 19-year-old Ocean Township resident Tyler Seward from his motel room and arrested him. During a search of the room, Police found no weapons or hostages. They did however, find a bong commonly used to smoke marijuana.

Seward faces creating a false public alarm and drug paraphernalia possession counts. He was released on a criminal summons and future court date.

The Monmouth County Prosecutors Office and the Monmouth County Emergency Response Team (MOCERT) also responded to the ordeal.