It is one of those foods that can be a lunch, dinner, or snack. Suitable for a game or a movie. Nachos are a tasty treat you can enjoy at parties or even on a quiet night at home.


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Everyone has their own favorite ways to make their favorite plate of nachos. People have different tastes in cheeses, vegetables, meats, and chips. I'm sure as you are reading this article you are thinking just how you like your nachos.

One thing I think is crucial is good cheese, it's the glue that holds the whole dish together. Bad cheese means bad nachos, in my humble opinion. Personally, I also prefer more veggies to meat, to be honest. Plenty of peppers, onions, black olives, and mushrooms. I actually will usually do a veggie nacho plate. Substitute the meat with beans. Black and red beans maybe even some garbanzo beans. That's a delicious plate of nachos, topped with some hot sauce and the dish is complete. Erick Su ✪ Erick Su ✪


In a recent Love Food article, the national publication named their choices for best spots for nachos around the nation. They included their pick for best nachos here in New Jersey.

Love Food choose Tacoria Mexican Street Kitchen in Jersey City as the best nachos in Jersey and among the best in the United States. According to Love Food Tacoria, which has eight locations throughout the state, "is the ultimate spot for vegan nachos in New Jersey."

So next time you head north maybe swing by Tacoria for the famous nachos and enjoy. Don't forget we have many fantastic restaurants here at the Jersey Shore for a great plate of nachos.

Now I need to finish this article because I am craving nachos! Natasha Bhogal Natasha Bhogal


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