One of my favorite places in New Jersey, especially during the spring and summer is hands-down Asbury Park. Over the past couple of decades or so, as you probably know, Asbury has seen a major re-vamping with a lot of TLC and much-needed makeovers. And now, it's one of the more upscale Jersey Shore destinations.

There's no shortage of unique shops, exciting night life, family friendly activities, amazing live music scenes, and of course.... AWESOME food.

With Asbury Park being a gorgeous, trendy beach town, the restaurants are no exception. They're simply are a culinary, atmospheric experience you have to see, and taste for yourself. But you have to know where to go!

After some digging around the internet, and trusty TikTok, I found some of the most popular, trendy, yummy restaurants in the area.

A lot of these restaurants are new, and featured by and NJ Monthly. So if you want expand your horizons and take a break from some of your other Asbury Park staples, this is a good place to start! And now I'm already planning my next trip!

So if you're heading to Asbury this season and you want to make delicious memories, here are some of the hottest spots to check out. Prepare to drool:

Check Out These 9 Amazing Restaurants in Asbury Park NJ

If you're heading to Asbury Park NJ, here are some popular restaurants you'll want to check out! A lot of these places are new, so it'll be a culinary adventure!

Are you adding any of these restaurants to your "must-visit" list? Which places is this missing? We'd love to hear from you - let us know!

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