If someone asked you what job is the fastest growing one in New Jersey, this may not be the one that comes to mind.

First, let's see what we really love at the Jersey Shore. We love coffee, right? So maybe the fastest growing job in the state is barista. Nope that's not it.So, if it's not coffee, then what?

It has to be something in the tech field, then, right?  It has to be IT or graphic design or something in that area, only it's not. No, it has more to do with fixing something we don't like.

Alright, we don't like driving. Now we're getting closer. So, what do we hate the most about the roads? Well there's traffic, congestion, and every other driver not named us, but those are not the correct answers.

How about the sound of the bottom of your vehicle slamming against the road because your tire just entered a Jersey sized pothole? There it is. The fastest growing job in the Garden State is highway maintenance workers, according to The Stacker.

These statistics include snow plow drivers in addition to those workers who repair our roads along with those nasty potholes and all the other road maintenance work.

And as much as we complain every time some road work or construction slows down our ride, I think I speak for the majority of Shore residents when I say thanks to the women and men who brave rotten weather, speeding and angry drivers and all the rest to fix our roads.

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