I am not a Jets fan but I know first-hand how you must feel.

On January 12th it will be 50 years since your team won their one and only Super Bowl which means if you’re under the age of 50 you weren’t even alive.  How does this relate to me?

I’ve been playing fantasy football in the LFL (Luch Football League) for more than 25 years.  It started out as a group of teachers/coaches and I think I was by myself for the first year or two before my brother became my partner and our team name became “Will Brothers.”

A few years ago my son joined the group and we changed to “Will Trio.”  Then last year needing some added expertise we brought in my 11-year old nephew and revised our name to “Will Quartet.” Despite these frequent name changes one thing remained the same: lack of success.

Way back around 20 years ago my brother Brian and I won the league championship and we’ve been close a couple of time since but have not be able to pop the champagne cork.  However this year we thought that was going to change.

For those who don’t know Fantasy Football is simply where you draft real NFL players onto your team and use their statistics each week against others in your league.  Our LFL is a 12-team league and Oilman, a/k/a Matt Purporo is only the second commissioner in league history.  He succeeded our founding father “Luch” a few years ago who was sort of forced out but remains a team owner.

Just a couple of weeks ago our Will Quartet was rolling and visions of a championship were very much alive.  However we lost the best running back duo in the league at the same time, one to injury and one because of a video that surfaced in which he beat up a woman. Not the kind of person you want on your team anyway.

Despite we began the playoffs Sunday with some optimism and going into last night looked like a sure winner over “Top Notch.”  All we needed was 22 points from Rams QB Jared Goff and we were into the semifinals.  Goff has been great this year and never put up less than the 22 points we needed.

Of course by now you have likely figured out this story does not have a happy ending.  Goff had his worst game of the year, throwing four interceptions and no touchdowns and another season is going to end without a championship for the Jets…and Will Quartet.

There’s always next year.  Maybe we’ll add some help and come back as “Will Quint.”


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