It has been very busy on Route 72 in Manahawkin for seems like years with construction on Route 72 and the Bay Bridge Project, which has been ongoing in an effort to better connect Stafford Township with Long Beach Island....and they did a great job.

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So when I say "what's going on now on Route 72" most people probably shrug and say "there is always something going on". I do admit Route 72 seems to flow better now with new jughandles and on and off exits into area shopping centers and most lanes seem finished and open.

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By the way, we recently did a survey with you at home and asked "what is the busiest summer roadway in Ocean County" and in our POLL, Route 72 finished second as the busiest summer roadway. The only road that beat out Route 72 was the Garden State Parkway. So this really has become one of the busiest roadways here at the Jersey Shore.


Shawn Michaels


Now in this article, I am taking a look at what possibly is a new construction site or possibly a construction storage area? I want to throw this out there so we can get an answer because maybe you have driven by and thought the same thing....what is this now?

The site has construction gear and what appears to be water and/or sewage parts? The Bannett Group has the area marked. Is this a new construction project or a construction equipment storage area? maybe from work that has been going on, on Route 72?

If you have the answer please share it with us and let's see what we come up with. This site is on the "westbound" side of Route 72 near the KFC.


Shawn Michaels



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