Let’s first tell you where this building is, in Brick Township. It’s located on Route 88 East on the way to Point Pleasant.

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I was recently driving through Brick Township when I past this location and just wondered “hmmm what was this at one time?” Because at one time this was a new vibrant business here in Ocean County.

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It’s obviously not “breaking news” but don’t you ever get curious when you drive around the Jersey Shore and see certain sites? It’s all part of our history and what used to be. It is like when you see an abandoned home, being swallowed up by nature….I always think at one time this was someone’s home and now it stands, barely, empty and dark. Maybe it’s just me, but I think many look around and wonder what the  story is.

This location, to me, looks like maybe a gas station or service center. I come to this conclusion because of the large garage like doors that at on the front. I wonder was it a locally owned business or a national chain? I also wonder if anyone will ever bring this location back to life with a new business?

So it’s just a curious article which asked the question “what was this at one time here at the Jersey Shore?” You will be surprised but someone out there will know the whole story and share….so in advance thank you :) Post your answers below 👇🏻 after the photo gallery


Shawn Michaels


Shawn Michaels


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