With your help and your votes, we have been able to keep narrowing down the list of bad parking lots at the Jersey Shore, and now, we can proclaim one lot that has the distinction of being your worst Jersey Shore parking lot..

It wasn't an easy job, but you helped us narrow the field down to two, and not surprisingly, both lots are in Brick, which seems to be the traffic headache capital of the Jersey Shore, but that's for a different day, and a different poll.

The results of this final round were a little surprising to many of us. It really wasn't much of a battle at all. Brick Plaza seemed to be the favorite going in, but apparently there was a lot of pent up anger brewing for the Kohl's/ Shop Rite lot on Route 70, and it showed in the voting.

Take a look at these results...

Kohls/Shop Rite Brick...91.30%

Brick Plaza Brick...8.70%

Kohls/ ShopRite Parking Lot (Lou Russo, Townsquare Media)
Kohls/ ShopRite Parking Lot (Lou Russo, Townsquare Media)

For Brick Plaza to be beaten that badly, you know there are a lot of people grunting groaning and cursing their way through The Kohls/Shop Rite lot that feels like a small town of its own sometimes.

Getting in and out is often a nightmare and navigating through this lot isn't much better, and if you don't believe me, just look at the poll results.

And let's all remember, there are a dozen lots that could be in this position, but the real passion belongs to the big parking lot on Route 70 and Chambersbridge Rd this time around. Thank for all your votes!

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