The road is already so bumpy, why so much construction through the section of Beachwood, Pine Beach, and Bayville if they're not paving.

Road construction sign.

I've been seeing construction mainly in Beachwood and Bayville. I'm not seeing any paving being done, that's what we really need.

I drive Rt. 9 every day through Bayville, Beachwood, and Pine Beach, just like you and it's constant. As I keep going south on Rt. 9 towards Lacey, they're doing construction throughout Lanoka Harbor and Forked River, too.

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The crazy thing about all this construction it's during the day. But, I did notice this morning the roads were closed on 166 right off of Rt. 9. Maybe those roads were closed all night. I rather the construction all night than during the day.

In Bayville, on the way to the high school, last week and this week only one lane was getting by at C & G's Landscaping.

Did you know there's a website that tells us what roads are backed up with accidents and construction? Crazy that I never knew about this, click here to find out more. It's called Just put in the town and the map of your roads will pop up.

According to WOBM News with Vin Ebenau, there are several projects going on right now on Rt. 9. From NJ Dot: A resurfacing project is going on from Lacey to Beachwood. Also, NJNG is upgrading its facilities along Rt. 9.

All of this construction and still no paving, hopefully sometime this year. RT. 9 really needs to be paved.

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