Alison Sweeney (left) is a Hallmark seen in "Open by Christmas"
Alison Sweeney (left) is a Hallmark seen in "Open by Christmas"

When people first find out that I am a major fan of the sappy Hallmark Christmas movies I usually get strange looks and comments which I can understand because after all a 65 year sports loving male is not their prime demo.  However I am often able to convince many that my motivation for watching one of these movies on an almost daily basis from late October through the holiday comes with valid reasons.

Simply put the world is cracked up and if like me you watch the news on a regular basis then you often get depressed and wonder about the future…especially for your children and grandchildren.  It’s easy to lose hope and wonder if there is a place to escape all the mayhem.  Yes there is in towns like Evergreen, Grandon Falls, Conway, Homestead…you just have to watch a Hallmark movie.  Places where everybody knows each other, nobody locks their doors at night and more often they are drinking hot chocolate than anything else.

Look it takes about 5-10 minutes into one of these movies to know how it’s going to end (hint they kiss and become a couple) but it does not matter.  There’s no hatred, violence, somebody trying to rip someone off in these movies.  It all comes down to a couple meeting under often strange circumstances and less than two hours later through the holiday spirit realizing they want to spend the rest of their lives together…or about 2 minutes before the credits role.

The actors and actresses are familiar and what you would mainly call “B type” performers but to fans they are a perfect “A.” Candace Cameron Bure, Bailee Madison, Danica McKellar, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Andrew Walker, Luke Mcfarlane, Brennan Elliot…and the list goes on.

Look I can’t completely explain my fascination with these movies featuring plenty of fake snow but it’s like a good potato chip…you simply can’t have just one.

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