A lot of great actors have come from New Jersey, and a lot of money has been made. But which one is the highest grossing from the Garden State?

Recently, some data was compiled by Go Banking Rates, listing the 50 highest grossing actors of all time. Actors with New Jersey roots or ties appeared three times on the list. Do you think you can name them?

There is one that really surprised me, but the other two make perfect sense. I also thought there was one huge Garden State star missing from the list. So, who made the Top 50? Here they are...

#44...Paul Rudd. He was born in Passaic and his films average gross is a whopping $76 million each. Ant Man and I Love You Man among his credits.

#38...Bruce Willis. The Die Hard movies,  Armageddon and the Look Who's Talking movie are among his biggest. Overall his movies have brought in $3.6 billion in domestic earnings.

#17...Tom Cruise. Have you heard of him? The list of blockbuster movies are too long to believe, but how about this number? His movies have brought in $4.4 billion, and his movies average gross is $101 million.

The top actor on the list is Samuel L Jackson with a total of over $100 billion, and the one I was shocked that didn't make the list is our own Meryl Streep. You can check out her numbers at The Numbers.

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