It's safe to say when it comes to bad Jersey drivers, no Monmouth or Ocean County road is immune. But which road has the most bad drivers on it?

Oh, there are so many correct answers on this one, but we are going to try to climb this mountain and figure out which road is home to the most bad drivers in Monmouth & Ocean Counties.

I'm going to tell you what inspired me to do this. I was on Brick Blvd in Brick yesterday and encountered a half dozen of the worst, rudest most clueless drivers I had ever seen, all in a 5 minute period.

I saw bad lane changes, people driving 15mph over the limit, people driving 20mph over the speed limit, and one left turn with a right signal light on (at Beaverson Blvd).

My apologies to all the good drivers on Brick Blvd, and there are many of us, but I'm casting my vote for that road. So which road will be the one you vote for in the latest Jersey Shore poll?

There's always Route 18, and Routes 9, 33, 34, 35, 36and 37 too.  And of course the list goes on and on We can't list them all but if you don't see your answer, please enter it in. We'll have results on Monday.

By the way, we're going to exclude the Turnpike and Parkway for the purposes of this poll. Let's keep it to the local roads.

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