It turned out to be one of the toughest Where Am I At The Jersey Shore that we've done. Did you get the right answer?

We only supplied a few non-specific clues for this one. We told you the location of the photo was a beach town in Ocean County and that was about it. Most people were not able to get it just from the picture and those clues.

The most popular answer we got for this one was Spring Lake , which of course couldn't be it based on the county alone. We also got a bunch of Point Pleasant answers, which was incorrect, but much closer.

Someone did get it right on our Point Facebook page, so congratulations Cyndi! She said that this photo was taken in Bay Head, and she is absolutely right!

To be more specific, the picture was taken in the parking lot in front of the Bay Head Borough Hall, which you can actually see at the very bottom of the photo.

This was definitely a tough one, after all it seems like half the towns at the Shore have this clock or one that looks just like it, so don't feel bad if you didn't get this one. I have a feeling the next installment may have a clock in the picture as well.

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