When you were young birthdays were milestones in your life which you looked forward to...17 to drive, 18 to vote, and 21 to drink.  As you get older you celebrate the milestone ones but maybe don’t look forward to them as much as you did when you were younger.  When you become a parent you tend to make a much bigger deal out of those special birthdays for your children from their very first one.

Six years ago when my son turned 30 several people asked how it felt…in other words wow your son is 30 so you are old.  It did not bother me a bit because I still had my little girl.  Well Saturday Alex celebrated her 30th birthday with a party in New York City…Jane and I were not there as we marked her special birthday on Thanksgiving.  However 50 of her closest friends along with her brother and sister in law shared in the milestone and by all accounts (and pictures) a good time was had by all.

attachment-Alex with Brandon & Jill

When your baby turns 30 it would be natural to wax poetic about your own aging process but I’m not for the simple reason that as a parent your children’s well-being, happiness and success is THE most important thing in life.  Alex at 30 is everything a parent could ask for…has a great career, friends and loves the city life while spending summer weekends at the shore. Following is part of what my wife wrote on Facebook about her and its better than anything I could come up with.”

“A woman whose infectious laugh passes like lightening through those around her.  A woman whose genuineness, love of life and unwavering devotion to family takes my (our) breath away.  A woman who roars and cries, makes no apologies for either.  A woman who embraces her inadequacies with the same enthusiasm with which she celebrates her strengths.  A woman with her kind, generous nature is most certainly a gift from God.”

Alexandra Leigh Williams is the daughter I hoped and prayed for when she was born 30 years ago on the day before Thanksgiving.  I love her as much as a father could and don’t have to wait until next November 27th to celebrate…every day with her is pure joy.

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