One of the things I have done a lot of lately is reflecting.  That naturally comes with age especially when you are clearly on the back 9 of your life and just trying to avoid the final four holes.  So what if you ask for mulligans on the 14th …what’s the rush?

For me the reflecting has really ramped up while I’ve dealt with my share of medical issues over the past year or so, one of which could have gone in the wrong direction.  It does give you cause to think about your mortality because we all know the only thing that is guaranteed is we all will die at some point…some of you wise guys will add that another guarantee is the Mets will find a way to blow it.

Seriously though when you are young you can’t comprehend that one day you will be old because it seems light years away.  I might have said at one point you don’t even think of getting old until your hair turns grey or you go bald but let’s face it there are those in their 20’s who deal with that and have turned it into a positive. You know what they say,  “Bald is beautiful and grey is very distinguished.”

Anyone who has dealt with a serious illness regardless of age understands that such an experience will likely make you view things very differently.  In my case it’s been a much greater appreciation for my family and the desire to spend as much time as possible with them, especially because I have a 3-year old grandson.  I am also grateful for the friends I have, many of who have helped me in the past and continue to do so now.  Some are ones I may have taken for granted but will try to make up for with my own acts of kindness, just like they have done.

I am very grateful.


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