I feel like there are certain topics you can bring up time and time again and they are still relevant.  Movie discussions never get old and of course will always spark debate because it’s all about opinions.  However if you have never seen the “Godfather” then you can’t be part of the conversation.

I don’t know if I could come up with a list of my favorite movies without separating into categories like drama, comedy, sports, etc. However here is a bakers dozen of movies I will and have watched time and time again and when I come across them when surfing channels will no doubt stop right there and probably watch until the end:

  • The Shawshank Redemptions-An amazing film with an ending that left you wondering about a sequel.
  • Gladiator-I still cheer when Russell Crowe kills the despicable Joaquin Phoenix.
  • Goodfellas-DeNiro, Pesci, Liotta…come on, forget about it!
  • Top Gun-If you feel the need for speed.
  • Jaws-How much do you wish the shark would have eaten (Mayor) Murray Hamilton?
  • Braveheart-How I wanted Mel Gibson to escape.
  • Ocean’s Eleven-One of the great movie lines of all-time, “Ted Nugent called. He wants his shirt back.”
  • The Sandlot-How lucky were these kids to have a summer like this?
  • Die Hard-And no it is not a Christmas movie.
  • The Godfather-The gold standard although it is long.
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off-Matthew Broderick singing “Twist and Shout” is epic.
  • Coming to America-Eddie Murphy at his best.
  • Pretty Woman-Ok, take your shots now. What guy did not fall in love with Julia Roberts?  And it has a very happy ending.

That’s more than I can say for this segment!

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