I know, weird...but I need your help. I can't find candy canes anywhere.

The peppermint, red and white striped candy that screams "Christmas" is nowhere to be found? Or is it just me?

First, I will tell you about the last two weekends I've been searching for candy canes for my stepson that loves them. A couple of places looking for these was in The Dollar General, Shop Rite, and Walmart. Now, maybe it's just us. But, I went to Toms River and Bayville looking for them and nothing. I didn't go to Brick or Manahawkin, but I did call a friend who lives in Brick and she said, she hasn't seen them either.

I realize this is a rather lame article, but I need your help. I've been into Walgreens, Rite Aid, and many more drugstores. I can't find candy canes anywhere. And, it's not like boxes are empty, there are no boxes. Oh, by the way, Target in Toms River does not have candy canes, either.

I know several friends and family that use candy canes for their Christmas tree. I guess they haven't seen any either. When I say "no" candy canes, I mean none. Usually, I see the "big" candy canes in boxes hanging on a rack when I walk into a store, every Christmas. Why not this year?

Candy canes are not my favorite. Did you know there are a lot of different flavors of candy canes? The candy cane flavor that is the most popular is peppermint, but cinnamon and apple pie are pretty popular, really? I've never seen the different flavors.

Have you seen candy canes anywhere this year? Please help us out.

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