No matter where you travel these days it seems you run into traffic. Over the years I have seen traffic grow throughout the Jersey Shore. I have lived here for over 40 years now and even the smallest towns in Ocean County have seen dramatic traffic increases.  Spring and Summer are right around the corner and that means even more traffic congestion. So today we are talking about our roadways.


What is the worst traffic intersection in Ocean County ?


I have put together my list ... see if you agree or would like to add an intersection to our list. We would love to hear your input ....


1. The Intersection of Rt 9 and Route 72 - Manahawkin

This area is always congested and in Summer can increase with traffic heading To and From Long Beach Island.





2. The Intersection of Water Street and Route 166 - Toms River

Here I'm talking about the new route around downtown and Huddy Park to get onto Route 9 South to Beachwood. I've seen a few accidents through this area.




3. The Intersection of Chambersbridge Road and Route 70 - Brick Twp

This area is just busy! Always traffic with lots of congestion.





4. The Intersection of Cedarbridge Ave and Hooper Ave - Brick Twp

Another traffic hot spot with traffic going in all directions. It is also busy at you merge with Route 70 heading to Route 88.





5. The Area of Route 9 Through Lakewood

It is always very congested on Route 9 through Lakewood. Lot of cars and pedestrians!





6. The Intersection of Route 37 and Hooper Avenue - Toms River

This is the classic Toms River "busy" intersection. Is it better now then it was?  Or do you find yourself sitting as your wait to make the jughandle off 37 onto Hooper?