There may be a lack of space, money and patience here at the Jersey Shore, but one thing is always abundant for Jersey Shore residents, and that is stress. So what's causing the most stress for us?

That is a loaded question of course because there are a thousand things that contribute to the stress that builds in us each day here in the Garden State. But is there one dominant source for our worries?

The list for potential "winners" in this poll is a long one. There's kids, traffic, work, in-laws,politics, money, congestion, relationships, weather, home ownership issues, car trouble, health issues and the list goes on and on.

We are going to ask you to choose the one thing that gives you the most stress in the course of an average week and vote for that choice. We put some of the top choices from past polls, but if you don't see your top stress producer among the choices, please enter it in.

We'll have the results tomorrow morning and we'll publish them for you. So take the poll now. Thanks!

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