The countdown is on for Halloween 2018 and that means there are some big decisions for Jersey Shore kids.

We all know there is a good chance that today's choice for a costume might not be the final choice, but we still want to get some idea of which kids costumes are going to be the most popular ones for 2018.

So, let us know what the kids are thinking right now, and we'll tally up the results and post them for you tomorrow. I'm thinking we'll be hearing a lot of Coco, Batman, and Incredibles, but we'll see!

Just to recap last years most popular costumes, here are the top 5 most searched Halloween costumes according to

(1) Wonder Woman

(2) Harley Quinn

(3) Clown

(4) Unicorn

(5) Rabbit

Let us know which costumes are the ones your kids want for this Halloween and we'll tally up the results. And if you're getting dressed up too, let us know what you're going as!

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