The final full weekend of spring was indeed very spring-like with ideal weather conditions for just about anything with the exception of the beach.

Of course that did not stop me from spending both days on the beach although a sweat shirt was needed and having a wind screen would have certainly helped on Sunday.  However it was nothing to complain about especially knowing that before long those very cool winds off the water will be replaced by warm and muggy inland breezes.

It was also nice to turn off the air conditioning in both your home and car and open up the windows. It looks like we’ll get another couple of days of that which is just fine.

New Jersey enters Phase Two of its reopening today with the main components being restaurants can offer outdoor dining and non-essential retail stores are able to open for their doors to the public. While there are a number of restaurants that provide outdoor seating in the warmer months many others do not but with the cooperation of local governments are able to temporarily add tables outside in the hopes of attracting customers.

The Office Restaurant & Lounge in Toms River open for outdoor dining (Kevin Williams, Townsquare Media NJ)

Tables must be six feet from one another and are limited to parties of eight and no smoking is allowed. While you don’t need a mask to dine outdoors you will if you need to enter or exit while walking through the restaurant or if you use the restroom.  Many local places are either suggesting or demanding you make reservations so check before going out.

While retail stores can also open today they must follow the same rules that have been in place for food stores and others that have been open throughout the pandemic.  That means no more than 50% occupancy, wearing face coverings and of course social distancing.

For businesses that are starving to ring their registers that is a small price to pay. Yhey are just happy to open their doors. Governor Murphy is expected to announce details of further openings today.

By the way we may also get an announcement today about the Major League Baseball season and it seems we are ahead for an abbreviated schedule of about 50 games.  A month ago I would have told you that I missed baseball a lot but frankly that’s no longer the case as both sides have turned off most of us through failed negotiations while the country is dealing with bigger issues.

Plus I still have four more seasons of “Sons of Anarchy” to watch!

The Office Restaurant & Lounge in Toms River prepares for outdoor dining (Kevin Williams, Townsquare Media NJ)