Hello July and here’s hoping you bring us plenty of sunshine and good beach days and while you’re at it go nice and slow.  With that said, a little of this and a little of that on this first day of the month:

  • There are officially 24 Democrats running for President with 20 of them getting the spotlight last week during the first debates. While most of them have little or no chance the field is not expected to be reduced until the fall as there are debates scheduled in late July and mid-September which could raise candidates profiles.  It’s likely that by the time primaries begin in February there will be about 6-8 left in the race with the money to go forward.
  • Many New York basketball fans were hoping that marquee free agents Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving would join forces in the Big Apple and it appears that’s what they’ve done. However I don’t think there were too many of those fans who expected the duo would do so playing in Brooklyn.

    On the opening day of free agency in the NBA it was the Nets and not the Knicks who stole the spotlight.

  • With July 4th being on a Thursday I’m wondering if it becomes basically a four-day weekend with many taking Friday off.
  • There is a drawback to using an App when making regular purchases…you might not pick up a price increase right away. It took me a couple of days to realize that my large Dunkin Donuts coffee went from $2.51 to $2.72.

    At the same time the New York Post went up 50 cents so my morning fix just got more expensive.

  • I know there are those baseball fans who likely were thoroughly entertained by the Yanks-Red Sox games in London that saw the teams score 50 runs. I thought it was almost embarrassing at times but again who cares what I think?
  • In case you didn’t see it last night the Mets rallied to beat Atlanta and snap a 7-game losing streak. I only mention it because Todd Frazier started the 8th inning comeback with a home run, one of three hits on the night.

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