There is no greater love than that of a parent for their child because they are yours from the very beginning.

You are with that baby boy or girl for every step on their journey and your heart is filled with a love that is at times indescribable.  Knowing how much they need you is an awesome responsibility that most mothers and fathers embrace because in those early years you are their world and they certainly are yours.

However there does become a time when you are not all they need and you simply can’t protect them by putting them tightly in your arms…that stage has passed.  Your love for that child never wanes but it moves to a different level as the years go by.

Then you become a grandparent and you get to do it all over again.

For years I have been told by many, and I do mean many, that there is nothing like being a grandparent.  In all honesty I was never in a rush to join them because it would be just another reminder that I am indeed getting old.


Sign annoncing Carter's sports teams
Sign announcing Carter's sports teams (Kevin WIlliams, Townsquare Media NJ)

When my son Brandon married Jill fifteen months ago I knew the day was coming and on Friday at Hackensack University Medical Center that day arrived.  Carter James Williams entered the world at exactly 7am…all 8lbs, 10oz and 20 ¾ inches of perfection.

Any negative thoughts of being a grandfather left me the moment Brandon walked into the waiting area and shouted “it’s a boy” and just a few hours later when I held Carter in my arms for the first time I was almost embarrassed in thinking that this was something I did not want at one time.  While his parents are the protector of this precious little baby he will know that he’s got two sets of grandparents who have his back as well.

Yesterday mom, dad and baby arrived home and we were there to greet them and I could not wait to hold Carter in my arms again.  All those feelings you had as a first-time parent return even if just for a few minutes and I now know why all my friends boast that there simply is nothing better than being a grandparent.

Kevin's wife Jane (Nonna) with grandson Carter
Kevin's wife Jane (Nonna) with grandson Carter (Kevin Williams, Townsquare Media NJ)

By the way some of you know that I’ve had a tough time deciding what I wanted to be called in this new role.  Jane had picked Nonna (Italian) months ago but I could not find anything that I was comfortable with.

However after seeing and holding Carter James it really doesn’t matter so I’ll reluctantly settle on G’pa and move on.  It’s not about me anyway.

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