I love Ronnie Margo on the Jersey Shore franchise. I did NOT love the news of his repeated domestic charges. Neither did MTV. When we got news that he and MTV were parting ways I wondered if they really severed ties or if he would be able to save the connection, now we have our answer.

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Ron was gone for a minute (4 months to be exact) to do a stint in rehab and face his demons. TMZ caught up with him and got an exclusive interview to find out if he is actually fired or if he will be coming back to Jersey Shore.  Lots of celebs dealing with personal and highly sensitive topic matter scramble away from TMZ giving the reporter a walk and talk with one word answers but Ron offered a calm, perfectly put-together and seemingly grateful response to all of TMZ's questions.
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Ronnie Magro says he's ready to be back on Jersey Shore. The big question was, is MTV allowing it?  Ronnie says YES. He says he did the work and with 4 months sober, he has a clarity that will warrant giving fans what they want, him. He says he'll be back by the end of the 5th season.  Scroll to see his video with TMZ below!
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So fired was a strong word...I said so during Celebrity Tea on the Jersey Shore Morning Show when Lou and I were talking about Ronnie's departure after his domestic violence arrest from his now fiancé, Saffire Matos.  I felt he was taking a "leave of absence" with an emphasis on his good behavior and getting treatment, which is exactly is what happened.

Ron took this downtime (although 4 months really is not much time) to be better as a father and  fiancé.  Ronnie got engaged to Saffa (as the family calls her) soon after the high profile fight between them, ultimately with all charges getting dropped. Many said the proposal was damage control but only time will tell.

Here is Ron's interview with TMZ: Keep scrolling for more quick celeb engagements!

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