A once in a lifetime cosmic event is set to take place in the skies this evening.  Shortly after 6PM, Venus will be moving across the surface of the sun.  Experts believe that this event won't occur again until the year 2117 - so don't miss out! 

The transit will be able to be seen from all 7 continents, though the best viewing is believed to be in the mid-Pacific.

Although this rare sighting is exciting, please be sure to exhibit caution.  Follow this tip straight from NASA:

Observing tip: Do not stare at the sun. Venus covers too little of the solar disk to block the blinding glare. Instead, use some type of projection technique or a solar filter. A #14 welder's glass is a good choice. Many astronomy clubs will have solar telescopes set up to observe the event; contact your local club for details.

If you can't acquire the proper viewing equipment, you can watch the whole event live from your computer!  NASA will be streaming live video on their website HERE.

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