PILESGROVE — A bat seen flying around a supermarket is believed to be rabid and county officials are worried that a woman may have taken it home.

The bat was seen in the store on Sunday and was "observed to be flying erratically" during they day, which is what raised concerns for county officials.

The Salem County Department of Health and Human Services is specifically looking for a woman and two children who might have tried to take the bat home. The woman, who was not identified, was seen picking the bat up and said she was "taking it home until dusk to release it."

The bat was spotted in the store between 2 and 3 p.m. on Sunday when county employees happened to be shopping there, according to a story on NJ.com.

County employees have interviewed store employees and other witnesses and are currently reviewing the store's surveillance video. Local hospitals have also been notified.

Rabies can be deadly and is transmitted when a bite or saliva comes into contact with an open wound.

"In this case, treatment must begin immediately since the bat is not available for testing," county health officials said.

A rabid animal was also reported in nearby Pittsgrove, where a woman strangled a fox that bit her on July 18.

The county is encouraging anyone with information about the bat to call 856-769-1955.

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