With germs being on the top of everyone's mind, I thought I would share something I stumbled upon that could help you avoid them!

Two of my best friends and I got together for brunch -- because who doesn't love brunch -- when I came across a unique contraption that I think should be implemented at all establishments throughout the Jersey Shore

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It was at the Turning Point in Holmdel and the discovery I am talking about was actually in the bathroom.

Relax....it is not that gross, disgusting kind of story.

Take a look:

Nicole S Murray
Nicole S Murray

Well isn't this a unique contraption?!

It is a Sanitary Door Opener and the idea is to use your wrist to open the door instead of your hand in an effort to avoid people transmitting germs to one another.

Door handles are one of the most popular places for germs to congregate and ever since the COVID-19 Pandemic began, cleanliness has been THE vibe!

I showed this photo to my friend Nicole who then asked, "How is it sanitary if it is still touching your body?"

She has a point but there is an explanation.

According to HealthLine.com, the average human being touches their face approximately 16 times per hour.

This means that germs are being given direct access to open airways leading into your system every 3.5 minutes. Think about it...what better way is there into your body than through your nose, mouth or ears?

Your hands touch everything; a lot more surfaces than you realize. This means you are carrying all of the germs you have come in contact with no more than three feet from your face. (Ewwwwwwwww...)

With this tool, your wrist is the only body part that will make physical contact with the door to open it and hopefully those germs can rest on your wrist....and stay there.

It may not seem like much but anything to keep those germies away so Nicole can play is a big plus for me.

Anywhere you'd particularly like to see these contraptions installed? Email me: Nicole.Murray@townsquaremedia.com!

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