According to Apollo Technical, "Upwork estimates that 1 in 4 Americans over 26% of the American workforce will be working remotely through 2021. They also estimate that 22% of the workforce (36.2 Million Americans) will work remotely by 2025". 

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So as we get set to head into 2022 we could be looking at 1 in 4 employees set up at home with their own office and working remotely...that's amazing when you look back just 5 years ago, how many people did you know working remotely? maybe none?


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So now that we know it's a growing trend and employers are looking to have "remote" workers....what are some great jobs like this out there? That's assuming you want to work remotely aka "from home". This kind of work isn't for everyone, but if it is for you let's look at the best "remote" jobs for 2022.

In a recent Patch article, they looked at some of the best "remote" jobs so let's break them down for you here at the Jersey Shore...A report issued by Ziply Fiber analyzed data to determine the best jobs and places for remote work in 2022.



Computer Systems Analyst

5. Computer Systems Analyst average salary $70,214

Digital Marketing Specialist

4. Digital Marketing Specialist average salary $60,928


3. Psychiatrist average salary $255,644

Registered Nurse

2. Registered Nurse average income $79,533

Software Developer

1. Topping the list is Software Developer with an average salary $114,704




5. Translator average salary $45,466

Graphic Design

4. Graphic Design with an average income $50,618


3. Tutor average salary $54,174

 Virtual Administrative Assistant

2. The Virtual Administrative Assistant comes in 2nd with an average salary $59,781

Customer Service Representative

1. Number one goes to Customer Service Representative with average salary $48,362


Do YOU work remotely? are you happy with working from home? we would love to hear your comments, post below and let us know.


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