According to Business Insider, Walmart is offering to delivery hand cut real Christmas trees this year. This is something that Lowe's announced a few weeks ago that they would do as well. However, Walmart will not just delivery fresh cut Christmas trees, but also poinsettias, and even wreaths. Walmart is not done yet! They will do you one better and even hang your Christmas lights for you. You order everything online and prices range from $99 to $159 for installation of your lights. If it's cold out, or you just get frustrated easily with putting up lights, this could be amazing for you.

I used to always get fresh cut Christmas trees ever since I was a little girl. When my now husband and I moved into our first apartment together, I insisted on a real Christmas tree. He's also Jewish, so I wanted to give him the full Christmas experience. Along with the real Christmas tree came real pine needles and my husband absolutely hated them. We did the real Christmas trees until we moved into our house last year and switched over to an artificial tree. It's nice, we like it, but I still miss getting a real Christmas tree. I think if I was going to go back to the real ones I would do it this year, because, well, you know 2020. There's still time to decide and convince my husband. Let me tell you though, he's pretty good at trying to make me happy, so I may win this one.

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