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So, truth be told, I busted Philip Brilliant after yesterday's Wake Up (With?) Jeremy Grunin on WOBM AM 1160 and 1310 (streaming on the RadioPup app and because he discussed Pokemon for over a half an hour all told on yesterday's show. But, this morning it hit me again as I rolled in to the studios at 4:30 am seeing no less than 20 young adults roaming the streets of Downtown Toms River glued to their phones. What struck me more was that there were two police officers in front of Town Hall interacting with these kids in a positive way (I noted laughter). That seemed particularly powerful to me given the events of the last couple of weeks in Louisiana, Minnesota and Dallas especially. Can a video game really change behaviors this much? If it can make Generation Y kids walk around downtown Toms River early in the morning (or in the middle of the night for them more likely), what can it do for police relations? Race relations? Interesting.

Today's show features Karen Homiek, Principal of the Ocean County Vocational and Technical Schools Performing Arts Academy. Our second guest is Dr. Michael D'Angelo, Radiologist at Community Medical Center. Join the conversation at 732-505-1160.

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