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What an interesting dichotomy last night as Chris Christie addressed the nation in a rousing speech aimed at indicting Hillary Clinton for all that she has perpetrated against the American people. On the one hand, the country saw a strong leader, eloquent speaker, ally to the Republican nominee for President and potential Attorney General of the most powerful nation in the world. On the other hand, the people of New Jersey (71% of them at last count) saw a leader seemingly preoccupied with his own political future as opposed to the present of his home state. Bridges and roads have clearly not been a friend to our Governor for a number of years now. When will he get back at putting an end to the craziness of a ridiculous amount of road projects being brought to a grinding halt by the depletion of the Transportation Trust Fund? Let's discuss today on Wake Up (With?) Jeremy Grunin on WOBM AM 1160 and 1310 (streaming on and the RadioPup app).

Today we're joined by Jerry Lacrosse talking fireworks in Beachwood, Jason Coache dropping some knowledge about Wellspring Church, Denise Stapleton, BSN and Elder Life Specialist at Ocean Medical Center and US Congressman Tom MacArthur. Wow! Join our conversation at 732-505-1160.

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