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Only the Clintons. First things first; Bill Clinton is an engaging orator. He soft spoken, southern drawl complements his sense of humor and timing of delivery fantastically. It's clear why the American people gave him eight years in office for all of the reasons that Donald Trump exasperates us. But, telling his story of his life with HIllary as a love story......well.....that's just awkward. Should we forget about his affair with Monica Lewinsky and the impeachment proceedings that followed for perjury, obstruction of justice and abuse of power? Should we forget about the Paula Jones sexual harassment charges? How about his newest girlfriend, Julie Tauber McMahon? This angle on the life of Hillary fits perfectly with all of the reasons we hate her. She's not trustworthy. She's "Crooked Hillary". It all seems so disingenuous, just like Bill's speech.

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