You know what they say about beef right?

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It's what's for dinner!

That's definitely the case at a brand new restaurant opening in New Jersey that offers a wide selection of Wagyu Beef burgers, among other tasty offerings.

Before we get too far, you may be thinking "what exactly is wagyu beef?"

I get that, I've seen things advertised as wagyu beef and just figured it met it was a fancy burger or a fancy steak.

Photo by moreau tokyo on Unsplash
Photo by moreau tokyo on Unsplash

According to wagyu beef originated in Japan, started to become available in the States in the late '70s early '80s, and has been found to be healthier for us than your typical USDA beef.

Sounds pretty delicious to me, and now, there's a place in New Jersey you can head to that serves nothing but these Wagyu Beef burgers.

This is actually this restaurant's second location, but it's their first in the Garden State.

What's interesting too, is that before they got into the wagyu burger game, they started off as a hot dog place!

Even today, they offer a fun selection of "craft hotdogs" at their locations.

So, What's The New Wagyu Beef Burger Restaurant That Opened In New Jersey?

I don't often find a reason to go to the mall anymore, between you and I, I'll do my shopping at a mom-and-pop shop.

However, it seems more and more often really good restaurants are opening in malls, including this wagyu beef burger spot.

Kings of Kobe, according to, opened their first New Jersey location last week in Jersey City's Newport Centre Mall.

Kings of Kobe's menu has unique burgers like the Mary Florentine burger which has white cheddar, sautéed spinach, sunny-side up egg, hollandaise sauce, bacon bits, and micro greens according to their menu.

The prices are pretty steep for burgers, but you also have to keep in mind these aren't your grandma's burgers; they're wagyu beef!

Oh, and if fancy burgers aren't your thing, Kings of Kobe also has some good-looking chicken sandwiches too! reports that the new restaurant is located near the Cheesecake Factory, and is open Wednesday through Sunday from 4 pm to 9 pm.

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