Today of course is Election Day which this year gives us the opportunity to decide as to who will represent us on a local, county and federal level.  There are races for the House of Representatives, County Commissioners (formally known as Freeholders) and Sheriff as well as many municipal offices and seats on the Board of Education, depending on where you live.

Some of you have done your homework and know who you are voting for and why but many will enter the booth with little or no idea.  Maybe they’ll pick a name or party affiliation at the top and just go down the line.  Doesn’t really matter as we all have the opportunity to vote one time…at least that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Of course there are many of you who won’t vote for a variety of reasons.  No interest in politics, no interest in any candidates, don’t think your vote will mean anything as nothing ever changes or just can’t be bothered.  I understand more than ever some of those feelings but if you look there are differences when it comes to your choices, even if it’s for the school board.  Not all candidates are the same and even if picking the “lesser of two evils” your voice will be heard.

By the way the argument that your single vote doesn’t mean anything is not true.  There have been numerous elections in local towns where a vote or two was the difference and here’s something else to consider.  Whether you’re voting for the President of the U.S. or a local councilman when the election is over that last number in the total votes was YOURS.  Had you not voted it would have been different so yes your vote counts.

Be heard and vote today.  It’s our right and responsibility.

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