Our beautiful beaches, if there was one favorite beach of yours where you stick your toes into the soft sand, which would it be.

I would tell anybody, we have the "best" beaches in Ocean County. We are voting for "best" ocean beach. We have a lot of lovely bay beaches, right now we're voting for ocean beaches.

This is about the sand, the salt air, and pure relaxation on a beautiful summer day at the Jersey Shore.

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The Fantastic Beaches of Ocean County

This has been a forever battle in Ocean County. All the beaches are beautiful, but I know there's that special one you get excited about. Maybe it's the boardwalk, some beaches don't have some. The beaches that seem to be the most popular do not have a boardwalk.

The perfect day for me. A great spot in Seaside Park or Island Beach State Park. A blanket, a couple of towels, a chair, and fun with family and friends. I couldn't be happier knowing I'm spending the day on the beach.

The only thing that could ruin this day, greenheads. UGGH!

It's time to vote 👇👇.

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