Ah, to go back to Cape May, New Jersey in the 1940s to see what life was like. If only we had a working Delorian time machine. 

1941. FDR was President of the United States. It was the year Pearl Harbor was attacked. Captain America first made an appearance in comic books. Orson Wells released Citizen Kane.

This may be Cape May like you've never seen it before.

Through this stunning video, you can experience Cape May in 1940s! Talk about time travel.

See what Congress Hall looked like back then, the Cape May Lighthouse, what looks like a beach bar, and, of course, the SWIMSUITS!


Streets were bustling! And can we talk about the vintage cars? Swoon-worthy.


Even though the world was at war, 1940s Cape May looked like such a simpler time.

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If you're not smiling ear to ear like I was at the end of this clip, I'd be surprised. It definitely makes you wish you had made memories of your own back then and look forward to new ones in Cape May summers to come.

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