When most of us hear ramen, we think about the chicken flavored noodle packages and cups that fueled us through college.

I mean, most of us have one of these stuffed away in a cupboard or desk, right?


Ramen, when done right, can be a delicacy.

Ramen has roots.

It's a Japanese noodle soup that consists of Chinese-style wheat noodles served in a meat or fish-based broth and often flavored with soy sauce or miso.

Toppings like sliced pork, nori, and scallions are also popular.

Back in August, I told you about Wayne Carrington and the very interesting life he has had.

From being a New York City police officer to an executive for Five Guys, Wayne has done it all.

According to a profile from APP.com, Wayne's love of Ramen came from watching the Brittany Murphy movie "The Ramen Girl."

Media 8 Entertainment
Media 8 Entertainment

The flick is about an American woman stranded in Tokyo after breaking up with her boyfriend.

Searching for direction in life, she trains to be a ramen chef under a crazy Japanese master.

Wayne wanted to create a sit-down ramen restaurant, and he did.

Roc N Ramen is now operating in New Rochelle, New York, the Bronx, and Dubai.

In August word got around quickly that one of his new ramen restaurant chains called Vibe N Slurp would be opening in Toms River at 1776 Hooper Avenue taking the place of Bamboo Panda.

At the time, Wayne and his crew were hoping to be open for Labor Day.

Here we are in December, and finally, Vibe N Slurp Toms River is officially open.

According to the VNS website, they will be serving from 11:30 a.m. to  5:30 p.m. to start. Be sure to call ahead as these are soft opening hours.

So, what can we expect? He told APP.com:

I'm selling traditional Japanese ramen as well as Japanese/Caribbean-infused ramen: oxtail, jerk chicken, and curry chicken, as well as other infused ramen such as shrimp scampi and lobster. We will also have a small array of Chinese dishes and rice bowls.

Check out some of the creations from Rock N Ramen where Vibe N Slurp got its roots.

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