Parents in two northern Ocean County townships report potentially dangerous encounters that their children endured to local police.


Attempted grab in Brick

A 10-year-old boy shaken after allegedly being grabbed by a stranger in Walmart. Township police are searching for the suspect.

An officer patrolling the parking lot of the Route 88 store was alerted at about 12:26 PM Thursday. According to police, the youngster's mother reported that a white, older man said nothing as he clasped the boy's wrist, and quickly left when the boy squrimed out of his grasp and ran to his mom, several feet away.

The individual is described as standing between 5'10" and 6'0" in height, with a medium build, and having white-gray hair. He wore a dark-colored baseball cap,

Witnesses are asked to contact Detective Tara Schinder, 732-262-1115.

Locked in Lakewood

A six-year-old girl, playing unattended outside her hosue in Lakewood, ends up inside a locked car, and a search is on for the man who left her there.

An officer was summoned to a house on Stirling Avenue on August 14, at about 3:45 PM, and was told that the incident happened at about 3:15, police said. Family members first alerted Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch members who decided that it merited police response.

The youngster's father related that a young black male on a bicycle approached her, picked her up, placed her in the rear seat of an unlocked, parked car, locked it, and "casually" rode off. The girl told her father that she stayed in the car until a "friend of hers rode by," noticed her in the car, let her out, and left before an officer arrived.

There is no information on the car or its owner; whether the car locks could be sprung from the interior; whether the youngster knew to try unlocking it; the identity of the friend; how the friend unlocked the car; how long the girl was in the car; or why police weren't called before LCSW. There is no indication that the girl suffered any injuries.

The suspect was described as a young, black male of average build, with long, curly hair and black pants. Detective Michael Mooney is assigned to the case, and can be reached at 732-363-0200, extension 5341.

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