I’m fascinated at times by politics and how some people are so sure they have all the answers. And I’m not talking about the politicians but everyday people who are sure they know more than me and you.  With that said today is inauguration day which is something our federal government and country has held since 1789.

It’s taken place in good times and bad, during peace and war, depression and prosperity.  It should not be a day about politics but rather the peaceful transition of power which in many other countries is not the way it works.

The vile that has been spewed during and after this presidential election (by both sides) is an embarrassment and clearly there is no end in sight.  However if you’re an American and profess to love this country you can only hope that today is the beginning of something great and if you are rooting against Donald Trump then you, my friend, are not a good person.

That does not mean you don’t question his policies and agenda. Of course you have that right.  And that does not mean if he’s a failure that you should not do all you can to replace him.

However for today we should all be rooting for the home team to win and that team is the United States of America.





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