Two drivers caught the attention of oncoming traffic and people on the side of the road after they were scene in a brutal physical altercation in the middle of Route 37 near Route 166 in Toms River on Wednesday afternoon.

Video surfacing across social media shows only the fight where one woman is punching another woman several times while she falls to the ground and grabs the other woman's leg in an effort to fight back.

The other woman's face was getting red as the woman punching had her arm wrapped around her head.

Cars are passing them as this happens as others watch the unfolding events.

A video was posted by several people including 'DJDoubleUEvents' on Instagram.

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Police arrived on scene around 1:30 pm and following an investigation learned that the altercation ensued following an alleged road rage incident.

Toms River Police spokesperson Jillian Messina told 92.7 WOBM News on Friday that  officers spoke with both individuals and they "were made aware of complaint procedures."

Further information on the incident has not been released by Toms River Police at this time.

It's not known if there were any injuries or what kind of charges were filed.

Ocean County Scanner News reports that EMS were on scene following the incident and one of the drivers was pepper sprayed.

Jersey Shore Online reports that there were injuries but they weren't serious injuries.


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