I love visiting with my daughter and grandchildren, but I hate driving out there.

They live in what I call 'the country' out in the beautiful farmlands of Plumstead County, but in order to get there I have to drive roads that are pretty much woodlands.  It's a beautiful drive, but it's also a dangerous drive, especially this time of year with all the deer and one of my fears is hitting one.  The whole way out there I hold my breath, just waiting for one of these beautiful creatures to jump in front of me.

Now I'm going to set the scene for this blog:

Friday at about 1:30PM I was driving on Horicon Road In Manchester to get to Route 539.  I was doing about 60mph with my eyes darting all over, watching for an animal to jump in front of me which was almost the case, except this little guy was doing a sloooooow crawl.  There was a turtle, so I swerved to the right to avoid him and then looked in my rear view mirror to see if the car in back of me would do the same, but he didn't!

He did the opposite.

I saw red and blue lights flashing and realized it was a Manchester cop who stopped to help the little fellow cross safely.  This blog is really about me giving a shout out and a huge 'thank you' for this officer being so caring.  I really wish I could call him by name, but I went on my merry way with a smile on my face.

It's the little things in life that reminds you there is good out there.

When was the last time you saw a good deed?