BEDMINSTER — President Donald Trump has made several trips to Bedminster since he took office in January, including a two-week stay earlier this summer during White House renovation. Now, according to reports, he will be bringing other global powers to the quiet Somerset County town.

According to the Washington Post, the State Department is preparing for several world leaders to visit Trump at his club during the United Nations General Assembly next week. While they do not say how many leaders will make the trip across the Hudson, Politico said Trump is planning to stay in town for three days during the annual meeting.

The Post story noted that former presidents have met other leaders during the meeting in the past, but that normally happens at hotels in the city or at the United Nations headquarters.

This also would not be the first time Trump has brought a world leader to his club, according to the Post, as he hosted Chinese President Xi Jinping at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida in April. As an official residence of the president Trump National Bedminster has also seen Russian jets fly over the club.

Recently, the Secret Service announced it is running out of money to pay agents responsible for guarding Trump and his family when they travel the world. Trump's visits to Bedminster in the past have also brought protesters to the area.

The main part of the General Assembly is scheduled to be held from Sept. 19 to the 21 with additional meetings scheduled in the days after. The White House has not announced an official schedule for Trump's visit but MyCentralJersey reported a VIP temporary flight restriction has been put into effect from Sept. 15 to the 24 for Morristown and Bedminster.

The president is scheduled to address the assembly on Sept. 19.

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