As someone who has previously stated that he’s not a big fan of Halloween my faith in people has been somewhat restored. I’m guessing we had somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 “trick or treaters” on Sunday in Beachwood and just about everyone wished us a Happy Halloween and/or said thank you. Sure some kids were encouraged by their parents but most did it as a course of habit and genuinely came across as appreciative. Costumes were very creative and the little ones were adorable and I didn’t even mind missing football games on TV for a while to sit outside and hand out candy. Maybe I’m getting soft now that I have a 3 ½ year old grandson but it all made for a very nice experience.

It sure seems strange that so many teams were eliminated from the state football playoffs before Halloween but that’s what happens when you add a layer to the postseason. Meanwhile after one round of public school action it’s still Toms River North, Point Boro and Middletown South who seem to have the best chances of winning at least sectional titles but don’t overlook Raritan and Rumson among others. A good amount of teams from the Shore Conference have finished the season which means their athletes who compete in winter sports get to rest their bodies.

The Jets loss to the Patriots Sunday was there worst in many years for many reasons. Not the least of which was this was the year for payback which never came.

With the exception of a brief cold spell earlier in October we have had pretty amazing fall weather and the temperatures will be going up this week with 70’s in the forecast for the weekend. Remember every nice day is one day less of winter.

One week to Election Day. If you don’t vote it’s hard to complain.

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