I can't tell you how refreshing it is to write about retailers opening in the area. These particular openings are going to be a big deal.

In a sure sign that we are rounding the corner with COVID-19, Sephora has announced that they are opening over 60 stores before years end.

I mean think about how much has changed since the pandemic started. Pre-COVID, you wouldn't think twice about letting a Sephora employee touch your face as you try the latest beauty products. Now, for some, it gives them a very awkward feeling. Maybe you're not ready as of this writing but aren't you excited to get out of the house and try your favorite products?

During the two months that nearly all Sephora locations were shut down, they have been working hard to reinvent themselves for life post-pandemic. It's not much different than the way things were, just with some added safety measures that could very well be temporary.

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Back to that expansion. One of the 60 Sephora stores that will be opening soon is coming to Marlboro. The Asbury Park Press' David P. Willis is reporting that Sephora is set to open in the massive Marlboro Plaza as soon as this summer.

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But that's not all! In addition to opening standalone retails locations, Sephora is also set to partner with Kohl's to open mini locations inside the clothing stores.

We are hearing from The Asbury Park Press that one such location will be inside the Howell Kohl's. All of these Sephora stores will share a storefront.

photo: Kohls

All of your favorite beauty products will be conveniently available inside Kohl's. We're not talking about a tiny counter either. This is a rendering from Kohl's depicting what to expect.

photo: Kohls

Not bad, right? There's no timetable on when the Sephora inside the Howell Kohl's will be open for business.

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