Brick-- A Toms River woman is facing a number of drug related charges after police in Brick found 28 year old Lindsay O'Connell with a number of narcotics in her possession at Joe's Crab Shack on June 30th.


Officials at the scene reported O'Connell had been in the bathroom for more than 20 minutes while her food sat untouched at her table getting cold.

When she returned from the restroom two undercover officers spoke with O'Connell and checked the bathroom with restaurant officials searching for any signs of drug use.

In the stall O'Connell was using there were numerous empty wax paper packets that had previously contained heroin, then officers found 50 wax folds of heroin, 4 hypodermic needles, 4 clonazepan pills and 13 Xanex pills all together in her possession.

Investigators say she allegedly took the heroin while she was in the restaurant bathroom and disposed of the used packages inside the stall.

She was arrested and charged with Possession of CDS, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Possession of Hypodermic Needles before being released on a summons.