There is a continued need for addressing mental health and having additional resources and services available and in helping those struggling feel comfortable asking or seeking help whether they are threatening self-inflicted harm or otherwise or just need non-threatening help.

In Toms River, Police Chief Mitch Little told us recently on 'Shore Time with Vin and Dave' on Sunday May 29 on 94.3ThePoint and 105.7TheHawk, that there has been such high call volume for attempted suicides in the township of late.

"We have people that are in deep depression suffering a lot of mental illness and threatening suicide and we're handling over 100 suicide attempts a month -- that's a lot -- and 1,200 or more a year," Chief Little previously told Townsquare Media. "Those aren't just going there and the person's okay, that's actual transports to the hospital to prevent this person from actually harming themselves. We have a lot going on, our officers are tasked with a lot -- it's not just about crime fighting, we are those social workers that have to deal with these situations on all levels."

This week, on Wednesday morning, around 7:15 am, Toms River Police received another such call and several officers went to the area between Northampton Boulevard and Executive Drive after learning there was a suicidal man holding a shotgun to his head.

Police said the man got out of his truck, left the door open and was acting erratically with witnesses saying he was holding a shotgun.

Before going in to speak with the man, police said they blocked off traffic to the area and eventually the man complied with the officers commands with the man saying he had no intention to harm anyone, just himself.

Toms River Police Officers on scene were able to get to and detain the man who was then brought to Community Medical Center for an evaluation.

Officers then cleared the area and searched the vehicle where they found two shotguns, one of which was loaded.

There are a variety of services, help, people available in Ocean County alone to help in this mental health crisis.

If you or someone you know is in need of help, assistance, someone to talk with, go to someone or an organization you can trust such as the Mental Health Association of New Jersey which has an Ocean County chapter, or Ocean Mental Health Services, or Bright Harbor Healthcare or the state of New Jersey has a list of all options in Ocean County as well (page 45).

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