Leave it to New Jersey to find something ELSE to fight about.

We bicker nonstop about: Taylor Ham vs. Pork Roll, Jimmies vs. Sprinkles, Subs vs Hoagies, Sauce vs. Gravy and who knows what else!

Well now, thanks to Toms River native who is currently at spring training for the Pirates but is not officially on their roster as of yet, Todd Frazier, another major debate has begun.

Is it Pizza or Pie?

Cole Tucker of the Pittsburg Pirates made a comment that rubbed Todd the wrong way while on the radio and here is what he said:

“He’s always talking about pizza. He’s like, ‘Man, no one makes pizza like we do in Jersey, man!’”

I mean....it's true. Us New Jerseyans really love our pizza.
And because of our pizza pie passion, Todd HAD to reply on Twitter.
"Hahahaha my man. It's PIE not pizza. Get it right "
To be honest, I am yet to hear this debate in New Jersey but those of us who live in NJ know that we will legit fight over anything.
So now I ask you: Is it Pizza or Pie? Cast your vote because I am extremely curious where the majority will fall with this debate....
I don't know if I can take a side here. My family and I have referred to this Italian delicacy as both pizza, pie and pizza pie.

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But this could totally be one of those hardcore Italian rules that I wouldn't know about since...well....I'm not Italian.
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Until the next New Jersey debate.....
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