Just when you thought there would never again be one topic we'd all agree on and get behind, and just when you believed the world had become so divisive that nothing could unite us, and just when you thought all the news in our world was bad, along came a bunch of kids to prove us all wrong. Thank you Toms River East.

Unsplash, Thomas Park
Unsplash, Thomas Park

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The Toms River East is on a magical run through the Little League World Series. Their next game, an elimination game is today 3pm on ESPN, and we're all rooting for a great outcome, but regardless of the outcome, what Toms River East has proven to all of us will not change.

We have learned that in a world of bickering, fighting, politics and divisiveness, we can still all unite behind a common cause. Maybe it took a bunch of talented kids, a dash of America's game and the unadulterated feelings of hope and optimism that only kids can have to teach all the grown ups a little lesson.

Maybe it's ok to dream, and maybe it's alright to reach for the stars, and maybe even grown ups can realize that w will always be stronger together than we are divided. You know, a team. A team like Toms River East.

Sure, this amazing run by this team has us all reminiscing about the Todd Frazier days, and that is just awesome. Now let's take the lesson this 2021 team has innocently and unknowingly shown us about who we could be if we were a team, too.

Let's hope adults can play like a team. Let's respect each other and support each other more, and good things could happen. And no matter the outcome of today's game, we are so proud of this team. Great job!

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