I don't know about you, but I hated this year's Players Weekend uniforms. The all-white and all-black unis were just awful. You would think MLB would have heard the complaints about the NFL "Color Rush" jerseys, but obviously in the end, it's an excuse to sell more jerseys.

On the plus side, the various nicknames and custom bats and custom cleats were awesome - a great way for players to express themselves and the things they care about.

Todd Frazier has been a huge supporter of the Toms River Field of Dreams, a project designed to be a place for children & adults with special needs to enjoy baseball, wheelchair accessible miniature golf, adaptive playground equipment and basketball.

Frazier had awesome custom cleats to bring attention to the Field of Dreams, check them out from his Instagram (the 2nd pic in this series):

About a week ago, Frazier made an amazing $50,000 donation, and had a group of kids out to CitiField to present a check.

Good for the Toddfather to keep giving back!


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