TLC recently filmed a portion of a premier episode of a new television program in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

The program is called "I Am Shauna Rae.” It follows a 22-year-old woman from Long Island, New York, who has the physical appearance of an 8-year-old, because of a brain tumor that she had as a child.

She overcame the cancer, but, as a result of the tumor on her brain, it stunted her overall growth and development going forward.

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In the recent January 11, 2022 episode, Shauna Rae took a trip to Seaside Heights, New Jersey with her family.

The episode chronicles the difficulties that Shauna Rae faces while trying to do routine things that everyone else can do with ease.

Shauna Rae stands 3 feet 10 inches tall. The Seaside Heights show theme depicts her going to the beach and in search of people her age to meet.

It’s a very challenging existence for this young woman. as she attempts to live a “normal” life as a 22-year-old, when she has the physical appearance of a third grader.

It’s difficult for her to date, drink alcohol or even dress like an adult. Basic things that everyone takes for granted are very challenging for Shauna Rae.

It may be simple to write this off as exploitation, however, another way to look at this is that it sheds light on Shauna Rae’s condition and how she can learn to effectively cope with it all.

Here is more about the program, "I Am Shauna Rae" which is on Tuesday nights at 9:00 p.m. on TLC.


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